The Vandalia School of the Arcane Arts

The Vandalia School of the Arcane Arts is a wizarding school located in the city of Charleston, nestled between the mystic mountains of West Virginia.

Our illustrious headmaster, Coriander Grace will be leading our students for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Four Houses of Vandalia


Current Vandalia Staff

Coriander Grace – Headmaster

Alice Barlow – Secretary to the Headmaster

Professor Morrow – Potions

Professor Siler – Potions

Professor Periwinkle – Herbology

Professor Noel – Herbology

Professor Wax – Divination

Mr. Smolder – School Nurse

Professor Madeline Berry – Culinary Craft

Professor Juniper Stone – Charms

Professor Orieona Titan – Dueling Instructor

Professor Sarkany  РMythical Husbandry and Cryptid Awareness

Stella Knight – Groundskeeper

Notable Alumni

Chelsea Siler – Puddledwarf

Brian Thompson – Puddledwarf

Leah Rafferty – Blackbriar

Lapil Hue – Toddrick

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